Tutorials by PhD Students

The following is a list of schedule for tutorials led by PhD students.

Jan 19:  Python @ CDM 801 (2-5 pm)

  • Basic Data Types
  • Flow Control (if-statements, loop templates)
  • Data Structure Preview

Jan 26:  SQL @ CDM 801 (2-5 pm)

  • Introduction to database management systems
  • Relational database and mapping with entity relationship diagrams
  • Structured Query Language Introduction
  • Data definition and data manipulation queries

Feb 9:  GitHub @ TBD (2-5 pm)

  • Title: Time Travel Software Development with Git and Sciunit
  • Learn how Git works and how to use it as a time machine in your daily work. The tutorial will also introduce containerization, and how to develop and maintain portable and reusable software using Sciunit (http://sciunit.run)